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I design websites and build them. While I typically build websites from scratch, many people are becoming more comfortable using WordPress as a foundation for their website. I have extensive experience working with WordPress, Customizing WordPress Themes and WordPress Plugins.

I will not be taking clients this year to focus on coding and app building. I will be posting links to my projects here. Thanks.
The Broward County focused blog, is our platform for local community and events. In Broward is a local resource that curates the culture of community in Broward County. You can get local news and information from many online resources. We decided to focus on the small events and businesses that contribute to the culture, and build community in Broward County. Many of us live here for the beach, and we sometimes take for granted the great community we have.

Tap This Tweet is a project I am currently revisiting. It uses the Twitter API.
I will have more information on this project, as I get closer to the relaunch.

Bus Route Finder My first project on the Android platform was focused around the Broward County Bus Schedule. If you have ever tried to read the schedule on a mobile phone, you can appreciate the need. The app would pull up the nearest bus routes based on the GPS location of the mobile device. The user would select the desired route, and the app would display the next hour of schedule times for the nearest bus stop. The user has the option to view more times if desired. I never released this to the public, because Google maps has already integrated this feature into the directions options. I may use the schedule data for another related project, but unlikely there will be another dedicated to just the bus routes.